The Unique Video-Miles® Software:  

With the Video-Miles® Software all your Videoconferencing and or Telepresence Point-Point and Multipoint calls are automatically and accurately captured, calculated, measured and monitored generating Your Travel Cost Saved, Your Carbon Saved, The number of People Hours you Save, your utilisation and much more for each and every call, every individual system and the whole Videoconferencing or Telepresence estate.

The Video-Miles® Software turns Videoconferencing and Telepresence into Commercial Assets that can be targeted, driven, measured and monitored, creating a natural Video Strategy for roll out of systems, upgrades, swap outs or the safest locations to place Videoconferencing/Telepresence for immediate and maximum return.

You are a mouse-click away from safe key decision-making information.

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Video-Miles® Dedicated Server

Enjoy the benefits of an individual server by creating your own flavour of branding, layout and design for all your Videoconferencing/Telepresence/MCU’s.

A dedicated server gives much more flexibility and can have an enterprise license of up to 2000 registrations.

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Free Demonstrations of Video-Miles® Software/Appraisal of Features and Strategic Benefits

At a mutual convenient day and time to you, we will be pleased to present and demonstrate the Unique Video-Miles® Software to you and your colleagues. We use PowerPoint slides to introduce you to the software followed by logging into the customer-facing portal when we will take you through a full appraisal of the features, benefits and options available to you. Delivered via webshare applications and or High Definition Videoconferencing all we ask for is 40 minutes of your time.

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Video-Miles® Asset Management Reports:  Integral/Outsource 

The video-miles® software comes complete with a built in detailed CDR report.
There is also an optional graphical report which breaks down every system in both text and graph form which can be exported to pdf.

As an additional service we can also produce / provide the reports for you on a mutually agreed recurrence.

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Video-Miles® Legacy/Historic Data

Need to see your historic ROI/Carbon Saved/People Hours Saved and Utilisation collectively for all your systems or every individual system? Or the requirements for immediate comparison on the previous period?  – we can produce that for you as well.

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Video-Miles® Unresolved Systems/Calls
Track call to unknown systems out with your own video estate.
How important is it for you to track your Videoconferencing/Telepresence Utilisation, ROI, Carbon Savings.

And People Hours Saved for Videoconferencing/Telepresence systems external to your Corporation? We can also capture and present this key information for you.

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